Video-Conferencing In School

What is Skype Video-Conferencing?

Examples of use:

My K12 Online Conference presentation on using Skype


Around the World With 80 Schools

Sylvia Tolisano's bright Idea to Connect Globally. Classrooms use Skype to meet and talk about there locations, cultures and activities. Great way to use Skype for just 5 minutes (or more if you'd like) to make connections for your students and provide them with reasons to write and learn world geography.
My blog post about it.
TV coverage
Our Trips to Argentina and New Zealand in one day.


Award winning video produced, written, designed and edited by 4th grade students about how they Skyped a classmate with leukemia that could not attend school into class each day. The video has been downloaded over 500,000 times.

Local Newscast about how we did this.

A professionally produced video made by Skype showing how we did this .

A second version of the professionally produced video.


Grace Corrigan

Grace is the mother of Christa McCauliffe, the "Teacher in Space" that was killed in the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster. She visited our classroom and it seemed like others should get to participate too ... so we audio-Skyped Grace out to schools in Virginia and New York. Read my blog post and see some photos from the experience as well as links to a podcast and video-cast of the experience.

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick Writing Project

Combing "Google Documents" and Skype to make an award winning writing project stretch across the country and even the world.

One class teaching another using Skype -

Allanah King, New Zealand

50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom



George Mayo's 8th Grade Class

"Moral of the story videos" - ka-booz booz-ka

8th graders wrote and illustrated these short videos - My fifth graders watched and critiqued them,

then we video-conferenced with them to give them feedback.

Other examples:

Class was interviewed over Skype by class in Virginia - once audio only.

Met with students in Canada that we blog with. "Seeing" the other students changed relationship on blogs.

Shared our experience "going to Mars" with class in Florida that attended Space Camp.

Students in Louisiana shared crawfish, alligators and hurricanes. We shared Mars and earthquakes.