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Here is the link to track live all three balloons online for tomorrow. It should work, otherwise go to and type KE7BQV-11, KE7BQV-12, KE7BQV-13 into the track callsign box. 13%2C%20ke7bqv-12%2C%20ke7bqv- 11&mt=roadmap&z=11&timerange= 3600

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Mr. Taylor's blog

Hi, my class is sending up a high altitude balloon to over 100,000 feet (that’s almost 20 miles straight up!) We are sending up our High Hopes for the world with it so our “High Hopes” really will go “High!” My high hope for the world is PUT YOUR HIGH HOPE HERE . I bet you have a high hope. If so share it here
and we wil send your high hope up high too!

Hi __, Come to my blog and guess what happened to the party balloons and chip bag we sent up to 100,000 feet (30,480m). We will show you photos later so you can see what happened!