Planet Project

Name of your planet?

What is your planet made out of? (geology)

What are the temperatures on your planet?

What is the atmosphere made out of?

Are there any winds on your planet? If so how strong?

What is the size of your planet?

How strong is the gravity on your planet?

What are some of the major features of your planet?

Planet Creature Project

1) What is available on your planet for your creature to eat and drink?

2) How would your creature eat and drink that? What kind of mouth, teeth, or other method would your creature need to eat or drink that.

3) What is available for your creature to breathe? How will it breathe that (nose, mouth, some other way?).

4) How does your creature move around? How would a creature move around on your planet?

5) How does your creature survive any winds, cold, heat, dryness and other environmental conditions on your planet?

6) Where on your planet will your creature live?

7) What does your creature do for fun?

Now fold your white paper 3 times and design each part of your creature in the boxes formed by the folds – head, body, feet, hands (paws, claws, wings, or ????), mouth, ears, nose, what covers it's body (fur, skin, feathers, scales, blubber, or ???).