Mars Exploration

What gases are in the atmosphere on Mars?

Describe Mars's atmosphere. Is it thick? Thin?

Temperatures on Mars, show both Fahrenheit and Celsius:

What speeds are the winds on Mars?

What are “dust devils” and what are they like on Mars?

Name 3 of the volcanoes on Mars, tell how high they are, and explain what is important about Mars volcanoes when compared to the other planets.

Name the large canyon on Mars. Describe it's size and anything else special about it.

What is the ground on Mars made from? What kinds of rock? Why is Mars red?

Have they found water on Mars? Where? What did we learn about water on Mars from the Phoenix Lander?

Name 5 different spaceships or landers that we have sent to Mars and give the dates of when they arrived at Mars and tell what they did or are doing.