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Why are students so much more willing to write? Reads, comments you get AND others get, anyone might read it.
Students see progress.

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South Paris Collaborative Chat - 5th grade - New York, USA

Mighty Writers - 3rd grade - Seattle, Washington

Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog - Kindergarten Canada

Darren Kuropatwa - His HS Math class blog - His own blog

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Why blog?

Publishing / Motivation.
Experiencing others' writing skills. Why experience others' skill at anything?
Blogging is reading AND writing and analyzing text.
Blogging is communicating.
Blogging is an archive / portfolio of work.
Blogging is every subject.
Blogging is debriefing.
Blogging is conversation about what you know, learned ... more.

Stories, Any Subject, Get Feedback, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Photos, Art, Podcasts, Links, School, Home, ...
Students write and write and write.