Wikis, Blogs, Flickr, Skype and Other Web 2.0 Goodies

Wiki’s What is a Wiki?

My Class Wiki - Vicki Davis - High School - Georgia
Room 15 Wiki - Elementary Classroom wiki
WikiSpaces - Free Wiki - Register Here

Filamentality - Make your own linked web pages without FTP skills.

"Fil" page about Bodie, California. - Mono Lake page
Donner Party - "Donner Online"
Other examples

Blog/Blogging – What it is and WHY do it.

“Webblogging”- video

My Blog - Learning Is Messy- My Classes Blog
Other student blogs:
"Tell The Raven" - 4th grade blog - Alaska - Doug Noon, Teacher
"Mighty Writers" - Third Grade Blog - Seattle - Mark Ahlness, Teacher
Room 208 - Elementary School - Maine - Bob Sprankle
Elgg Site - Science Leadership Academy - Philadelphia

Teacher and EdTech Blogs:

Cool Cat Teacher Blog - Vicki Davis - Georgia
Borderland - Doug Noon - Alaska
Bud The Teacher - Bud Hunt - High School
8th Grade China Alive - Jeff Utecht - Shanghai, China

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Skype Skype Web Site- - "Inclusion" video - Channel 2 KTVN Newscast video

Flickr - Flickr Web Site - My Flickr Page - - FD's Flickr Toys

Podcasts - Room 208 vidcast about making a podcast

Digital Video


Google Earth

Tales From A Model Technology Classroom Year 1

Intro: "When I Become A Teacher"


1:1 Laptops – 7 year old Apple iBooks – original “Airport” wireless hub
Promethean ActivBoard – Teacher Laptop - Projector - Enhanced Audio System
Digital cameras
Digital video cameras
Printers – color laser, laser

What We Do

1:1 Laptops

Flickr - My Flickr - FD's Flickr Toys

My Blog - Learning Is Messy
Student Blog - (Just Started)

Wiki - Used now mainly for linking - later student made for research and posting their learning.

Wikispaces - Free Wiki

Web – Research, photos, video - Background/Schema Building activities
Word Process
Skype - "Inclusion" video - Channel 2 KTVN Newscast video
Vidcast - Inclusion video is a type of vidcast.
Digital Video - Past Projects